There’s No Place Like Home: A Salvation Army Success Story

January 25, 2021

In a time of unprecedented need, The Salvation Army is still doing everything they can to provide hope to the homeless. From distributing food boxes to hungry families to giving someone a roof over their head, The Salvation Army works around the clock to show love and support to any friend in need.

That’s exactly what Patricia and her son, Richard, needed. A friend to help them out of homelessness. Someone who could walk them down the path and provide the opportunity for a new beginning.

For some, the path through homelessness can be a long, complicated journey. It can come and go with the snap of your fingers, and it can be a battle to get permanently out of. Richard had been in and out of homelessness since he moved to Northwest Arkansas almost 12 years ago.

“I went through [The Salvation Army] drug and alcohol program a few times. That’s how I got to know The Salvation Army,” said Richard.

Patricia and Richard stayed at The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in Bentonville for six months, where they met Ms. Traci Temples. Traci, a case worker for The Salvation Army, helped Patricia and Richard get back on their feet after over three years of homelessness.

“[Patricia and Richard] came and filled out all their necessary paperwork; they were really good about getting all their paperwork in and doing their tasks every week, and this is the end result,” said Traci.

Patricia talks about how she loves the people at The Salvation Army. She loves the help they’re able to give to not only her, but everyone in need. The Salvation Army is much more than a shelter. It’s a support system.

After not having a place to call your own, moving into your own home or apartment can be quite emotional. It delivers a sense of freedom and accomplishment. A sense of excitement.

“[I’m most excited about] having my own freedom, having my own place. It’s something I can say, ‘this is my place. I did it. Finally, I’m in a place now out of the weather… I’ve been through a lot out there on the streets. I’ve been robbed twice. It’s not a place for anybody to be,” said Patricia.

Patricia and Richard will have a place to call their own for the first time in three years. They’re wanting to start looking for chairs and furniture for their new apartment as soon as possible and are excited to start decorating. They hope some of the people that have helped them throughout their journey will come visit them in their new apartment.

If you or somebody you know is needing assistance in Northwest Arkansas, please call our office at (479) 521-2151 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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