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The Angel Tree and Red Kettle Round-Up

January 4, 2017


The Christmas Season has finally wrapped up and the New Year is underway!! And we think the best way to celebrate the New Year is by reflecting on all the joys of last year. 2016 was an incredible year for The Salvation Army, and it was only made possible by this community!! So for that, we thank you!

Now, we know you all have been wondering- just how much did the Kettles raise this year?? And how many angels were adopted through the Angel Tree program? Well, DRUMROLLLLL…. because we are thrilled to tell!


Because of your generosity (and some pretty awesome bell ringers^^^), we were able to raise $343,952 across Northwest Arkansas this year!! So thank you, thank YOU for giving. We are truly so grateful. Curious as to where the money goes after the Kettle? You can see how we use the money throughout the year >>> HERE!

Check out some of our favorite moments from the bell ringing season!

Photo Dec 16, 1 37 28 PM
Photo Dec 02, 11 01 19 AM
Photo Dec 17, 1 47 37 PM

Selfie with a cop made its debut this year from the Benton County Sheriff Department!

Photo Dec 21, 11 09 36 AM
Photo Dec 16, 15 21 17 (1)
Photo Dec 05, 1 26 34 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 54 00

Our very own bell ringer Gary Shipley had an article published on his banjo playing!

Photo Dec 16, 15 44 11
Photo Dec 16, 11 16 04
Photo Dec 19, 1 17 28 PM (1)

JB Hunt competed for a week to raise over $7,500 for The Salvation Army!!

Photo Dec 17, 1 41 37 PM
Photo Dec 17, 10 07 32 AM
Photo Dec 17, 1 40 02 PM
Photo Dec 20, 20 24 29

Sometimes ringing is so fun, you have to bring 15 friends to one Kettle!


Many of you gave in a different way this Christmas Season- you gave to the Angel Tree!! And once again we had an AMAZING year!! Every single child was adopted by our community and corporate donors this year- Woo!! Way to go, Northwest Arkansas!

We were able to serve 2,113 children this year, because of your generosity! That’s over 750 families who had Christmas gifts under the tree and a Christmas meal on the table.

Here are some of our favorite Angel Tree moments of the season!!

Photo Dec 15, 16 46 12
Photo Dec 15, 08 39 06
Photo Dec 09, 1 43 53 PM - Copy
Photo Nov 07, 3 40 29 PM

We filled a warehouse as long as a football field with gifts you generously provided!

Photo Nov 15, 11 17 49 AM
Photo Nov 30, 1 54 18 PM
Photo Dec 09, 1 14 01 PM
Photo Dec 15, 12 21 12 PM

Jim’s Razorback Pizza provided some awesome food for our volunteers.

Photo Dec 15, 09 54 03 (1)
Photo Dec 14, 4 20 26 PM
Photo Nov 16, 9 46 50 AM
Photo Dec 15, 2 14 40 PM
Photo Dec 15, 11 29 06
Photo Dec 07, 9 32 51 AM

Tyson, The Pack Shack, Schmieding Produce, and Arkansas Egg Company provided meals for our angel families.

Photo Nov 28, 1 01 10 PM
Photo Dec 09, 10 36 49 AM
Photo Dec 15, 09 50 10

These cute kiddos donated over 400 pairs of socks at Folsom Elementary school to help those in need.


5 Easy Steps to Adopting a Christmas Angel

November 21, 2016

Christmas has already begun at The Salvation Army and we look forward to another great season!! The Angel Trees are officially up in Walmarts all over NWA with sweet angels ready to be adopted by YOU, our amazing community.

Every year, we get lots of questions about how to adopt an angel, where to find a tree and when the gifts are due. So here are the 5 easy steps you can take to adopting a child in need and making a difference in Northwest Arkansas this Christmas!


First thing is first- you have to find our trees! This year we have 9 trees in Walmarts near you. Most often, the tree is located near the customer service desk accompanied by a giant wrapped box for your gift deposits! Here are our locations:

3919 N Mall Ave. 2110 W Walnut
2875 W MLK Blvd. 4208 Pleasant Crossing
2004 S Pleasant 406 S Walton
4870 Elm Springs Rd
2901 Hwy 412 E 157 Gary Hatfield Way

We have thousands of angels that need to be filled in NWA! Grab a tag or two off the tree to fill. Consider picking a tag that is the same age as your kids and shopping as a family!


This is by far the most FUN step! Look over your list and pick out items that match the list (or are as close as possible). Buying the toys is a blast, but don’t forget shoes and coats too! Shoes are the most forgotten item on the angel’s list EVERY year and it is often one of the greatest NEEDS.

One of our most asked questions is… “Do I need to wrap the gifts?” The answer is no! Please do NOT wrap the gifts. We want the parents to be able to see what their children are receiving and feel a sense of ownership during the process by wrapping the gifts themselves. Simply follow the bagging AND TAGGING instructions and you will be good to go!


Now that you have shopped, bagged, and tagged- we need your gifts back!! This year, the due date for gifts is December 9th. If we receive your bag after that date, we will not be able to use it this year. We will save the gifts inside to give out next year, but our staff will have to fill your angel for you with extra gifts that were given. So PLEASE bring them back on time!!

Bonus Step: Think on the Impact
I know I said there were only 5 steps- but this final step is really important! Remember that you are making a child’s Christmas this year by providing gifts and clothing for them. 1 in 4 children in Arkansas is food insecure. 30% of household incomes in NWA are a combined total of $25,000 or less.

So when you are adopting a child, you are truly making a difference! Not only will they receive your gifts, but each angel family will receive several nights worth of food from our partners like Tyson, The Pack Shack and Schmieding H C Produce! So from our team here at The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas, we say thank you!