Live United Day

April 21, 2016

LU Thank You

Live United Day was such a huge success thanks to the amazing volunteers we had out from and Fellowship Bible Church in Fayetteville this past weekend! It is such a joy to see people from all walks of life, careers, and cities come together to serve a greater purpose!! Bentonville
Our team deep cleaned our Bentonville Shelter- what champions! They scrubbed baseboards fearlessly, cleaned out greasy ovens cheerfully, and even put some elbow grease into the dorms and bathrooms!

Live United

Fellowship Bible Church Fayetteville
On Saturday we had an amazing team out from Fellowship Bible Church in Fayetteville! Their team never gave up on that massive expanse of fence we had to paint. They stayed 1.5 hours longer than scheduled so that they could finish painting almost 800 feet of fence!! We are so grateful for their hard-work and commitment to making our facility a welcoming place in the community!

Live United Fell

We love this community and we loved the opportunity to serve alongside you guys!!

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