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Little Caesars Love Kitchen

July 19, 2016


Last week, the coolest semi-truck in the country pulled up into our parking lot! It’s pizza for a purpose, and Little Caesars is taking it all over the nation to serve those in need!

Photo Jul 07, 16 49 34 (1)

“We know that it’s important to reach out to the communities where we do business and help make a difference,” said David Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesars Inc. “As a family company, we are proud to work together with our local franchisees and company-owned stores to coordinate the vehicle, staff and food and to be there for the people in Fayetteville who need assistance.”

The Team

Local team members provide the staffing and supplies for the event! Mike (Love Kitchen Driver), Miguel (Springdale and Rogers GM) , JD (Fayetteville General Manager), and Wyatt (Fayetteville Employee) made up the all-star team that brought this event to life! They churned out enough pizza to feed 175 people and were the true success behind the night!

Photo Jul 07, 2 37 22 PM

Other Partners

Several non-profits in the area came to share their information with the community and work together to make a difference for those in need in Fayetteville! Welcome Health is an amazing free health clinic in Fayetteville with the kindest staff and great facilities! 7 Hills, our partners in service, offer a day shelter in South Fayetteville and LifeSource provides many services for low-income families including summer day camps and counseling services! (They all do MUCH more than that short spiel. Check out their websites for more info!)

Little Caesar's Partners Post

Thanks to everyone who helped make this community pizza night possible! And the biggest of THANKS to Little Caesars for giving back in Northwest Arkansas. Together, let’s Do The Most Good!

LC Post

Walmart Foundation Funds Feeding

July 7, 2016

Providing Hope Walmart
We are honored to announce that the Walmart Foundation has granted us with $40,000 to be used for our feeding programs!! They give so much to making this community a better place, and we are thrilled to be entrusted with their funds and supported by their giving.

It is our mission to create opportunities so people can live better. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it’s through the grants we provide to the thousands of organizations that share our mission or through the inspiring volunteer efforts of Walmart associates, we are passionate about helping people live better. One community at a time.  -Walmart Foundation

Feeding Families Walmart 3 (1)
Feeding programs are a vital part of what we do at The Salvation Army, and this grant will give us the opportunity to impact so many lives! But just how big of an impact will this funding make??

Walmart Foundation Thank You Update (1)

Last year, The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas provided 47,790 meals and distributed over 2,000 food boxes to those in need. Meals are served every night of the week at the emergency shelters in Fayetteville and Bentonville, as well as, for Wednesday night youth programs, holidays, and special events. Food Boxes are administered at the social service offices in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Siloam Springs. Want to learn more? Read up on all of our social services here and stories of lives they have impacted!

Thank You Walmart
So a HUGE thank you to our partners at the Walmart Foundation for supporting the work we do in this community! Together, we can Do The Most Good!


June 2, 2016

Donut Day Cover
Donuts are a yummy, tasty treat! That’s about all the average Joe knows about this delectable pastry. In fact, most people can’t even agree on a spelling! Is it donuts or doughnuts?! We may never know, but there are a few things we can teach you about the history of the donut! So get ready to learn a little more about this favorite, American treat. Happy National Donut Day, friends!

Vintage Donut Day
Ready for some fun facts about this auspicious holiday?!

  • Approximately 250 Salvation Army volunteers provided assistance to American soldiers in France during World War I. The women wanted to bring a taste of home to the soldiers, so they began frying donuts in helmets! They later became known as the “Donut Lassies”.
  • The Salvation Army started Donut Day during the Great Depression as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army’s social service programs.
  • President Eisenhower later made the day official to honor the work of the “Donut Lassies”, hence National Donut Day!

Here is the ORIGINAL history of Donut Day brought to you in a minute and 9 seconds!!

We also have the original recipe used by the Donut Lassies!! Want to start a fun, family tradition?! You can make these donuts in your home! Though you may want to use a frying pan instead of a soldier’s helmet (Click image to print)!

Donut Lassie Recipe (1)
This year, we had the privilege of partnering with Krispy Kreme in Bentonville!! They donated 40 dozen donuts for us to distribute all over NWA today. We loved keeping the memory of the Donut Lassies alive today by honoring service men and women in our community . Check out the pictures from our donut deliveries this morning!

Logo Donut Day
NDD Collage 1 (1)

1 Million Meals Campaign

April 11, 2016

Photo Apr 08, 6 35 52 PM

We are so thrilled to be partnering with Arvest Bank in Fayetteville, Arkansas for
the 6th annual 1 Million Meals Campaign!

The 1 Million Meals Campaign is Arvest’s community development initiative to fight local hunger in the more than 120 communities where they serve! This initiative began in 2011 as an effort to invest in the community.  Each year, Arvest raises money and collects non-perishable food donations that they then give back to partner organizations in the community!
In five years, Arvest has raised 2,566,609 meals in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley and 7,857,676 meals across all of their communities!!

This year, donations will be accepted from Monday, April 4, through Saturday, May 28.  You can also check out the list of every partner agency in Arkansas and beyond here!

Photo Mar 10, 10 05 47 AM
Pictured Above: Josh Lansdell (Marketing Assistant), Karen Gray (VP Marketing), and Donny Story (CEO & President).

Why this campaign?

When asked why Arvest Bank chooses this initiative each year, Fayetteville, AR Marketing Director Karen Gray explained, “We chose hunger because it’s something that touches each of the more than 120 communities we serve.

Not a single community in our network is immune from families struggling to put food on the table.

The good news is that while such challenges exist, there are local organizations on the ground to help in the fight against hunger!”

And she’s right: hunger is a pervasive issue in our communities.

  • According to the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), in 2014, 17% of American households surveyed reported food hardship, or not having adequate funds to provide enough food for their family.
  • Looking at the USDA’s food insecurity list, the national average for household food insecurity is 14.3%. All four states Arvest serves have considerably higher percentages.  Arkansas (19.9%), Missouri (16.8%), Oklahoma (16.5%), and Kansas (15.9%).  Food insecurity is defined as lacking consistent access to adequate amounts of nutritious food.
  • You can find some more statistics on hunger in our communities –> here.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 14.46.25

Are you particularly passionate about this issue and why?

“I grew up very poor. We didn’t have running water until I was eleven years old. I didn’t realize that was low-income. We were healthy because we had an acre garden and we ate. I was never food deprived, but I had a lot of friends in school that I knew were going hungry.

We didn’t have a whole lot, but my dad would give you the shirt off his back. That’s how it was for my family: you gave to everyone. I was able to overcome it, and I want to help other people to be able to overcome it as well. ”

How can citizens in NW Arkansas give to the 1 Million Meals Campaign?

All Arvest branches will have information on the campaign and will be taking donations of money and non-perishable food!

  • You are able to purchase a pin-up can for $1 at any Arvest branch location. For every one dollar donated, Arvest is able to provide their partner agencies with five meals!
  • Non-perishable food items will be collected at any branch location. Food items will be distributed to local food partners in June!

Photo Mar 10, 10 07 56 AM

Here are some ways you can follow along with the campaign!

Get all the info and updates

  • Check out the 1MM website for information about the campaign, a list of the local food partners and weekly updates on the number of meals raised so far. The Arvest Blog will also be updated frequently with community events and updates!

Like a Post, Donate a Meal

Retweet for Meals

  • On April 15. 2016, and May 13, 2016, @ArvestBank will have a retweet promo: For every retweet on these days, Arvest will donate five meals to support local hunger. Don’t forget to follow @ArvestBank and retweet!

Skip Your Lunch, Give a Meal 

  • Friday, May 13, 2016, will be an awareness day as Arvest encourage associates, customers and citizens of NW Arkansas to skip their lunch and donate the money they would have spent on lunch to the 1 Million Meals campaign.