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March 2021

World Social Work Day

March 16, 2021
Join us in celebrating our social workers on World Social Work Day!

When you think of social work, what do you think of? Do you think of long nights, wondering where someone is or how they’re surviving the night? Do you think of the possibility that you might not be doing enough? Do you think about love, compassion, strength, healing, and hope? Because that’s exactly what a social worker is.

We want to take the time on World Social Work Day to highlight our amazing social workers and all they do within our organization.

Verna, Chevonne, and Traci have been cornerstones to an extremely difficult year, but the three didn’t realize their calling right away. Verna remembers her job being a “God thing” as she wasn’t specifically looking for a career in social work.Now she’s been with The Salvation Army for 10 years.

Traci earned her first degree in kinesiology, where she became a successful gymnastics and cheerleading coach. She realized her passion for helping others when she saw some of the less fortunate children wanting to participate in school sports and activities. Traci started a program based on fundraising so these children could participate in cheerleading and gymnastics. She later went back to school to add a degree in sociology, so she can work with adults trying to turn their life around.

Chevonne worked in an attorney’s office, helping people from many different backgrounds. She found herself looking for resources for people that didn’t have an income. This helped Chevonne realize her passion for helping others.

Being a social worker can be one the most difficult jobs, but that makes the successes that much more rewarding. 

“The success of someone being able to find a new home and job [is the most rewarding]. Just to see them be able to enjoy their life. To be able to go from being stressed, worried, and homeless, to having a home and be self-supporting,” said Traci, who has been with The Salvation Army for seven months.

But along with success comes challenges. The world of social work isn’t always pretty. Chevonne has been with The Salvation Army for a year and says there is one thing that never gets easier.

“The most difficult part is sometimes not having enough financial resources to help everyone that needs help,” said Chevonne.

Patience and passion are resounding key words in our social services department and to anyone wanting to pursue a career in social work. Verna says that you must be incredibly patient. Traci says you must believe in the cause of wanting to help people. Remain passionate. And Chevonne says to find your skills and passion and pursue them entirely.

When you think of social work, think of the men and women working tirelessly to see a change in your community. Think of the love, compassion, strength, healing, and hope that social work provides. Thank you, to all social workers, for making this world a better place.

If you or somebody you know needs assistance, contact The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas at (479) 521-2151.